Guangdong Advertising Group Co., Ltd., founded in 1979, is one of The earliest Advertising agencies in China.

The group has more than 100 member enterprises, operating income, total assets are over 10 billion, service network covering all parts of China. The company was listed on the Small and Medium sized board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2010.


In 1979, the company's predecessor Guangdong Advertising Company was established.

In 2002, it was restructured into a limited liability company.

In 2008, it was restructured into a joint stock limited company.

On May 6, 2010, it was listed on the Sme Board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

In 2015, we implemented the platform strategy and stepped into an international marketing group.

In 2016, the "Big Data · Full marketing" strategy was implemented.

In 2018, GIMC Cloud, a independently developed platform for big data products and services, was officially launched.


The group has the whole industry chain service ability, the main global customers provide brand marketing, digital marketing, media marketing, content marketing, public relations marketing one-stop marketing solutions.

Province group on big data technology drive the whole industry chain of the whole marketing ecological platform, since 2016, the province group began to implement the strategy of "big data. All marketing", big data systems by marketing database, consumer tag library, cloud platform of three parts, one of the most core DMP marketing database, as of late 2018, the total data of more than 700 million consumers.

The main businesses of The Group include brand management, media agency, digital marketing, self-owned media, public relations activities and other businesses, among which media agency and digital marketing are the main businesses and the revenue of media agency accounts for about half.

From the regional perspective, the business of Guangrong Group is mainly distributed in South China, while the business in East China and North China also accounts for a large proportion.

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